Crack and grinding burn testing of tapered rollers

Riss und Schleifbandprüfung

Inline plant for crack and grinding burn testing of tapered rollers

For the first time this system allows both the in line integrated testing of the lateral surface and the functional front side of tapered rollers. The testing parts are transferred from the previous process, initially demagnetized, tested fully automatically, sorted by flaw location and finally handed to the next process

  • Performance:The plant adapts automatically to the speed of your production line. The possible rate ranges from 3 meters per minute up to 4 parts per second, including sorting at full speed
  • Testing parts: Tapered rollers , 10<Ø<32mm, 15
  • Testing task: Cracks and grinding burn on the lateral surface as well as the functional front side, optional on secondary front side
  • Further functions: Demagnetization, additional testing station(s), remote maintenance,multilingual operating interface, one sorting per flaw location
  • Robust design suited to the tough conditions of a production line
  • Gentle Handling
  • remote controlling the SPS, operating interface, test device

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