Eddy current crack testing of needles and rollers

Dimensional, Microstructure and Crack testing of Shafts, Rollers and Pins

This compact device tests various characteristics of cylindrical parts. Next to measuring the diameter with accuracy up to 1 µm as well as eddy-current-crack-testing, the system also tests the structure of the components. This means detecting the material and distinguishing between its soft- and hardness. The outstanding quality of our system is to perform these three tests simultaneously with a throughput of 10 parts per second (continuous testing).


Throughput 10 parts/s, speed of the product line 100mm per second, optional faster
Testing parts shafts, bolts, pins – diameter of 1,5 to 10mm, length of 5 to 30mm, optional longer and taller
Typical crack specification longitudinal cracks 0.05mm depth x 0,05mm width x 3,0mm length, optional transverse defects

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