Semiautomatic testing of sleeves and slewing parts

This compact and modular built system closes the gap between a handheld device and a fully automatic testing system.

Depending on variant the testing parts are either clipped on an exchangeable bold or are clamped between two tips. After hitting the start button the automatic test procedure begins: The testing part is rotated by the spindle and the probe (Optional several) moves along the testing part (adjustable speed). The surface is scanned completely. Afterwards the spindle stops, the servo axis system returns to its original position. The sorting result is displayed by an optic and an acoustic signal, then the operator respectively the optional coupled handling unloads and sorts the tested part.

Basic data:

  • building: table top, weight about 15kg, power connection 230V, integrated PLC, spindle speed 600 rpm (optional adjustable), axis speed 1-100 mm/s (optional faster)
  • testing part: 5mm<Ø<20mm, 15mm
  • Testing task:  cracktesting on the shell Surface
  • Optional: footswitch, tailstock manual or automatic, connection to a servo axis system




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